Play Pokémon with keyboard and mouse

Get ready to jump into exciting Pokémon team battles, as Pokémon UNITE, which was previously released for Nintendo Switch™, is now available for PC devices. To coincide with the computer release of the game, a new battle pass dubbed “Galactic Ghost 094” has begun! Play Pokémon UNITE on PC and enjoy this MOBA action game from the large and gorgeous display on your PC! Are you ready to unite with other trainers from around the world to fight this strategic team battle game?

  • Pokémon UNITE PC

    Build up Your Team

    In the Pokémon UNITE PC Game, you get to fight 5-on-5 strategic battles. Create your team of five and fight other teams to see which team is faster, smarter, and better! Don’t forget to stay in sync with your team and execute strategic moves by communicating seamlessly via voice chat, quick-chat messages, etc.!

  • Pokémon UNITE PC

    Show Your Skills

    Look your best in Holowear as you battle in style using a variety of holographic outfits! There are 22 different monsters classified into Attacker, Defender, Supporter, Speedster, and All rounder. Use your favorite Pokémon and unleash its true power by uniting moves to turn the tide of events when the going gets tough!

  • Pokémon UNITE PC

    Get to Leaderboards

    To earn the most points within the allotted time, you must combine fast action, clever maneuvers, and god-like battle strategies. Prove just how skilled you are by participating in ranked matches and earning points that take you up the leaderboards! Download Pokémon UNITE on PC and enjoy intense battles now!

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